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Pleased to meet BOO! Little Nightmares out April 28th

Oh, isn't this awful!

What I dig so much about Little Nightmares [official site] is that the nightmares aren't little - you are. Vast hands emerge from the shadows on snaking arms. Clammy chefs bloated like drowned corpses reach for you cowering under tables. A sea of shoes. The world of Tarsier Studios' puzzle-platformer looks dreadful in the most wonderful way. Adam will tell you it's pleasing to play too, or at least the preview version he played was. The rest of us will finally get to venture into its undersea dollhouse soon-ish, as Little Nightmares now has a release date: April 28th.

Here's an unpleasant new trailer:

And here are some words from Adam's preview:

"Little Nightmares is far from the Burtonesque blend of gothic whimsy and dark fairytale that I thought it might be. If it succeeds, and on the slight evidence I’ve seen it has every chance of succeeding handsomely (and grotesquely), it might well do so by showing us a child’s eye view of very real horror. Not just childhood fears manifested, like the clown under the bed, but the terror of the world reduced to elements that might stick in a child’s mind. The knowing that something is wrong with a scene or a sight or a person, but not having the knowledge or experience to know why that is."

Little Nightmares is coming to Steam and GOG on April 28th, priced at £15.99/19,99€/$19.99. It's published by Bandai Namco.

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