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Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Finest Free Indie Games


Lots of games about being trapped in tight areas for some reason, guess it's just this horrid zeitgeist. Twine memorial.

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An eloquent riposte by Emily Gera that was a long time coming. Applies to most comment pages, yeah, but the specific spark that birthed it was the “...the men's rights activists that reared their head following #1reasonwhy”.

Shit, a woman is doing things on the internet, let’s get in our clown car and bounce on down to the comment section because by God it's time to Have An Opinion, because we're required by law to have an opinion on everything we see no matter how unfamiliar we are with the subject and not having an opinion would be embarrassing because it would be an admission of being less than completely aware of all knowledge in the universe.

Ah, I’m in love with this. A fine diversion until the day we finally realize our global feminazi empire of estrogenated biodomes where we manufacture evil robots to roam the earth and castrate all males or whatever.



Caesar's Day Off by Majus

A series of important Caesar moments that YOU control and all it takes is ONE finger. Some of the best visual wit I’ve ever seen in a game, like playing a cartoon.

Hardcore strategies like: up or down? Don’t fuck this up.


self portrait AM by gods17

From the creator of last week’s MASTABA SNOOPY, a surreal stream of consciousness (which can backfire a lot of the time unless it’s interesting, which this is) in the face of insomnia. Tortured and raw and real, a naked mind hallucinating in the dark.

I spin my web in jungle trees and catch explorers riding logs down the river. I make a game of it - how many pith helmets can I collect? The answer, of course, is like a billion.