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Loading Human Reboots To Kickstarter With New Story

VR adventure game switches to Unreal Engine 4

Loading Human's plot just seemed a bit weird and tacky. It was about digging into the memories of a chap with Alzheimer's disease--a delicate subject--but had you drag your dead wife's scantily-clad twitchy ragdoll corpse around at one point. A bit weird and tacky. It wasn't what caught our Adam's eye when he slipped on VR goggles and took up a motion controller to play the adventure game either. No, he was far more taken with the wonders of reaching into virtual reality.

So blow that plot! It's gone now. So long! It's all change at Loading Human, as it's now toting a new plot about love and rockets, and has switched from Unity to Unreal Engine 4. And it's kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to help fund development.

Loading Human is still about dancing through memories, using VR and motion control tech to pretend you're an actual real person picking up and turning over objects in your hands. That's the impressive bit. Only now you'll be doing it as a chap bound for a deep space mission, who fell in love with a lady who forgets to wear leggings or a skirt or trousers or anything at all on her legs.

The Kickstarter campaign is only looking for $30,000 (about £18 grand in real money), though the lowest tier that'll get you a full copy of the game is $35. Still, people who're buying expensive goggles and controllers are probably enthusiastic enough about VR (not to mention rich enough) for this to be fine. Developers Foofa Studios plan to launch the game alongside the first Oculus Rift consumer hardware, which they expect around the start of 2015.

Here, have a video about all that's new with the game and its Unreal Engine 4 shininess:

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