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LoL Gets 27 Million Players A Day And Other BIG NUMBERS

And an exciting RPS announcement!

Time for more numbers from the LUDICROUSPHERE, aka League of Legends. The MOBA with mo' mo(nies) than any other ba is now at 27 million players per day. 27 million different people. Every day. And per month? 67 million unique human beings, each snowflakes in their own rights, all crashing blizzard-like into Riot's behemoth. Those are impressive numbers, certainly. RPS, however, would like to announce some even more impressive numbers.

SPACE (Jan. 28, 2014) - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd, the same thing as Rock, Paper, Shotgun©, Rock Paper Shotgun, RPS, and Battlefield21.com, is proud to announce that there are 7.139 billion people on Earth. "This level of success is totally unprecedented," said RPS co-founder and co-director Jim Rossignol. "By all accounts, humans should've extinguished themselves from the planet's surface countless times by now. And yet, here they remain. I'd like to think RPS can take most, if not all the credit for that."

Moreover, we're ecstatic to bring you news that there are 170 million insects on the planet for every single one of those people. That puts insects' overall GPOEABKG (Gross Product Of Existing And Being Kinda Gross) at 10 quintillion. RPS, a subsidy of planet Earth, considers the entire insect population a very close business partner. We're honored to be continuing that relationship somehow in the coming months.

"There are big things on the way," said editor and co-director John Walker. "Or should I say, 'bug things,'" he cheekily added before being harshly reprimanded by an ant queen for conflating the terms "bugs" and "insects."

But we've saved our biggest announcement for last. While changing his child's thoroughly soiled diaper, editor Alec Meer had the sudden realization that it'd be impractical and perhaps even impossible to count the total number of rocks, papers, and shotguns on Earth. "It's utterly mad," he gasped, eyes still wide from the revelation. "I mean, let's just start with rocks. A single gravel pit could contain upwards of a trillion rock fragments. Throw in other gravel pits, playgrounds, random rocks scattered in jungles - the total number is positively astronomical. And papers and shotguns on top of that? With new ones being made every day? The number approaches infinity."

We have thus decided to declare our website's name a direct relative of Horace, the infinite bear deity we all serve with every word and deed.

For the next fiscal year, we predict even more outrageous numbers. We are not able to provide details yet, but suffice it to say, Project Googolplex should yield incredible results. "A Googolplex is a really big number, you guys," said lead project engineer and token American Nathan Grayson. "Like, really fucking big. It's just like... man. I don't even know what to do about it."

Newly christened managing editor Graham Smith cannot count, despite being a robot from the future. He is this world's greatest paradox. Adam Smith is unknowingly Graham from the past, and yet he can count. Something terrible is almost certain to happen in the intervening years.

More Exciting RPS Numbers

Searching the word "cats" on Google turns up roughly 121 million results.

The Internet contains approximately 2.14 billion pages. And it's growing by leaps and bounds. Every day.

There are approximately one quadrillion ants on Earth. Given that there's almost certainly a roving empire of giant evil ants in space, there's probably far more ants than that in the universe.

There are approximately 100 trillion atoms in a single human cell. The number of atoms in a human body is nearly incalculable.

I don't even want to think about the concept of infinity right now. Every time I do, it makes my head hurt and I have to go to bed.

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