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LoLoLoL: Gag Mode Comes To League Of Legends

April Fools' joke actually real-ish

If you think a joke's funny, commit to it. Run straight into that wall, tell every excruciating detail of that embarrassing story, and laugh uproariously in that child's face. Every year on April 1, officially the most hilarious of days, disappointingly few April Fools' jokes go beyond a little work in Photoshop and a press release of top bants. League of Legends has committed to the joke.

Riot Games today actually properly released a new 'Ultra Rapid Fire' mode, supposedly as a preview of an upcoming balance patch. Playable for the next week, it cuts ability costs and cooldowns to turn LoL into a ridiculous mess of silliness.

URF mode (its name a callback to LoL's long-running April Fools' gag) removes all ability costs, cuts cooldowns by 80%, doubles attack speed bonuses for ranged heroes and boosts their critical damage, makes everyone move faster, and fills everyone's pockets with plenty of gold, the patch notes explain. Broadly speaking, it makes everyone extremely murderous.

"These changes focus on punching up what we believe are the best experiences in League of Legends," Riot joke in a trailer, saying they'll roll them out permanently for the next season. But URF is really real for now, and you'll be able to play the mode for the next week. That's commitment.

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