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Looking Glass Half Full: Lilly Looking Through

That was unexpected. I saw a link over at IndieGamesMagazine and half an hour later I sit here barefooted, the socks charmed off me by the demo version of Lilly Looking Through which is one of the most beautiful things I've ever pointed at and clicked on. There's a short trailer below in which you'll be able to see that the heroine might just be one of the most delightfully and attentively animated characters to ever grace a game. It's more Amanita than Lucasarts, with hotspots to click and activate rather than the freedom of the environment, although the short demo ends with a magnificent introduction to a wider world.

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I often want to discover every possible interaction in adventure games because they might contain a gag or an insignificant background detail of character or setting. Here, I already want to click everything just to see how Lilly reacts and it took about fifteen seconds of the demo for the aforementioned sock propulsion to occur.

The demo is available for both Windows and Mac, with a Linux version coming soon.

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