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Looks like Apex Legends won't be getting a solos mode any time soon

Limited-time solos mode "negatively impacted" the game

Apex Legends' Old Ways event has begun, bringing with it Bloodhound's Town Takeover on the World's Edge map, as well as the addition of a permanent map rotation and duos. This will be good news to a lot of Apex fans who like dropping into a match with a trusty partner, but unfortunately it's bad news to those who were hoping for a solos mode. It's even worse news for you lone wolves actually, as Respawn said that solos "negatively impacted the game, especially when it came to new player retention" when they tried it out as a limited-time game mode.

"We've purposely designed Legends and their abilities to compliment teamplay and squad composition, but when played solo some Legend abilities become useless," they said in the Old Ways patch notes. "We're still exploring ways to allow a solo experience, but for now grab a friend (or two) and jump into the arena."

So, what can you expect to find in the arena this time around? Well, on the World's Edge map there's an area that's been updated for Bloodhound's Town Takeover. You can get some high tier loot in there by completing three Trials, all of which include killing an increasing number of Prowlers - those big scary doggos data miners discovered a couple of weeks ago.

If I may offer a word of advice on dropping in this new location - be very wary of the fact these Trials take place inside a rocky mountain with a hole in the top. I played a bit last night and that big gap is an open invitation for other squads to shoot down from above, or drop in on you after you've done all the hard work fighting the Prowlers (which pack a mean punch).

As always there's lots of new pretty cosmetics, most of which are Norse-themed to match with Bloodhound's backstory (which you can find out all about in the latest Stories from the Outlands animation). You can buy some of these directly through the event store with premium currency, and some you can earn by simply playing the game and completing Old Ways challenges.

Apex's Old Ways event is live now and runs until April 21st, but duos and map rotation are here to stay. Patch notes with info on all this as well as some new balance changes can be found over here.

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