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Lost Ark release time: when does Lost Ark unlock?

Find out when Lost Ark will release in your region

Want to know the Lost Ark release time? So does everyone else. Launch issues caused the action RPG to be delayed just minutes before its intended launch times earlier today. Amazon now say they've fixed Lost Ark's "deployment issues", however, and the game is rolling out. We've got revised launch times for you below.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Lost Ark release time, plus we'll explain how to pre-load Lost Ark so that you can play it as soon as it launches for free, and how much space you'll need for the download.

Lost Ark release time

Update: The official Lost Ark Twitter has confirmed a launch delay due to "deployment issues". The team shared this information shortly before the planned launch, stating that they hope to have the problem resolved in a few hours.

Here are the new launch times, as confirmed by the Lost Ark Twitter account:

  • West Coast US: Friday, February 11th, 2:15pm PST
  • East Coast US: Friday, February 11th, 5:15pm EST
  • UK: Friday, February 11th, 10:15pm GMT
  • Europe: Friday, February 11th, 11:15pm CET

Lost Ark releases on Friday, February 11th as a free-to-play game on Steam. Lost Ark should have unlocked at the following times, but was delayed due to the aforementioned "deployment issues":

  • West Coast US: Friday, February 11th, 09:00 PST
  • East Coast US: Friday, February 11th, 12:00 EST
  • UK: Friday, February 11th, 17:00 GMT
  • Europe: Friday, February 11th, 18:00 CET

Those who purchased a Founder's Pack before launch were able to play early, starting from February 8th, but these are no longer available for purchase right now.

Can you pre-load Lost Ark?

Despite suffering a short delay, you can still pre-load the game so it's ready to play once the servers come back online. To pre-load Lost Ark, head to the Steam store page and select the pre-load button to start the download.

Lost Ark download size

Lost Ark requires 57GB of free space on your PC. When you start the download on Steam, it'll ask you to clear 70GB, but this is just a little bit of extra space for your PC to move files around while downloading. When the install is complete, Lost Ark will take up just over 50GB.

This download size does include an early access launch patch, but it could grow larger as more updates arrive over the launch period. It’s also worth noting that Lost Ark will likely receive plenty of content updates through 2022 and beyond, so expect the file size to grow as new content arrives.

That’s everything you need to know about the Lost Ark release time and download size. If you’re planning your Lost Ark character, make sure you take a look at our Lost Ark classes tier list to see which class you should pick. To unlock more content in Lost Ark, check out our Lost Ark Twitch drops guide to see what you can earn while watching your favourite Twitch streamer.

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