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Lost Ark's May update will bring its first 8-player endgame Legion Raid

Its developers think players are ready

Lost Ark is in an interesting position. It's an MMO hack-and-slasher which made its enormously popular western debut earlier this year, but which has been out in South Korea since 2019. That means that there's a wealth of already existing endgame content that its developers need to decide when its appropriate to bring across to the western release.

They have decided that time is: this month.

"After closely monitoring alongside Smilegate RPG, we feel that enough of our player base has reached the item level needed to participate (or is within easy striking distance to get there over the next few weeks) and have decided this is the right time," says the Lost Ark post detailing May's coming update.

As such, they're going to introduce the first "Legion Raid" to the western version of Lost Ark. The first Legion Raid is Valtan, an eight-player team battle that includes two checkpoints for saving player profess. You'll need to be item level 1415 to attempt normal difficulty, or 1445 to try it in hard mode. The Valtan raid also introduces the "Relic" rarity level of gear.

The May update will also add Deskaluda, which is a new Guardian raid that requires an item level of 1415, and a new Destroyer advanced class. Destroyers' abilities are focused on "slowing, launching, pushing and pulling" enemies.

You can find more details of the update's contents over on the Lost Ark site, including info on new quests and open world activities, new clothing, and quality of life updates. The update will launch sometime later in May, but if you're already playing check out Lost Ark best class tier list.

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