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Love this tiny Pikachu with an amazing Sims 4 pokémon mod

Gotta decorate 'em all

The Sims 4 liker has logged on again. This week she (I) was poking around for some nice potted plants to download for some ongoing build projects, and found a list of recommended custom content makers by Ravasheen, the creator from my first 'custom content of the week' post. Ravasheen recommended NynaeveDesign for great plant work, and lo - Nynaeve does great plants. I was cooing over them in pigeon-y delight when, a few pages deeper in Nynaeve's creations on archive site The Sims Resource, I stumbled across a bunch of great pokémon crap.

This is all technically for kids, I guess. But I can work at whatever desk I want, mum, I'm 30 now! It comes from three sets, the Pokémon Kids' Study, Pokémon Kids' Room and Pokémon Toys sets. It's a celebration of genwun, and as a stalwart genwunner, I approve. I refer you to the top screen to enjoy how chubby and cuddly and cute that plushy pikachu is. Look! He wants to give you a hug!

I think the bed and chair from the bedroom set are particularly cool, but my absolute favourite is probably the rucksack. It's so detailed! I'm also a fan of how all the flat surfaces have deco slots, so you can properly clutter this baby up if you feel like it.

The study set is also great, with tall shelves for even more cluttering, and a really nice desk chair to go with it. And of course, the sets are both available in both red and blue, so you can pick your team.

All the toys come in two alternative colour swatches as well, so you can go for old-school realism, or have a bright purple charmander if you want. It's worth noting, though, that with all these smooth circles, this set is probably pretty high poly (something I mentioned in my post last week). So don't go spaffing snorlaxes all over the shop, in case you get some slowdown from it.

I used some wallpaper from the Pufferhead Stuff pack that Alice L. recommended in one of her Sims CC videos (embedded above because it has a lot of great suggestions in general) but this pack also comes with a prohibitively huge Ash Ketchum decal:

And some pokéball wallpaper in two colours, and two different configurations for each colour.

I didn't use that, though, because I thought that the illusion of being trapped inside a pokéball would be a pretty intense design choice for a child's room.

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