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Luma Temtem: How to catch Temtem shinies

Learn how to catch Luma Temtem

Want to know how to get Luma Temtem? As you rush around and catch Temtem in patches of tall grass, there's a chance that you might find a rare Luma Temtem. These Luma Temtem are incredibly rare variants that have a different colour pattern and three perfect stats. That makes them worth finding for both collectors and fighters, but did we mention that they're rare? One more time so that everyone hears: Luma Temtem are very rare, so you'll need to spend plenty of time hunting for them. Fortunately, there are ways for avid Luma hunters to increase the odds.

In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about Luma Temtem, including the current chance to find a Luma Temtem and how to make Luma Temtem spawn more often.

What is a Luma Temtem?

Luma Temtem are pretty much the same as shiny Pokemon. They're extremely rare variants of the regular Temtem. The odds of encountering one in the wild are around 1 in 7500 encounters as of the full launch out of early access. You'll know if you have seen a Luma Temtem when you see the following:

  • It sparkles as the battle starts.
  • It'll constantly be glowing.
  • There is a star next to its name.

Unlike the shiny Pokemon, if you find a Luma Temtem and catch it, you'll have a party member that always has three perfect "Single Values". These refer to points added to the Temtem's base stats. Each Temtem can have a random set of single values assigned to them, so having a guaranteed set of three perfect single values is highly desirable. Plus, there's also the bragging rights to think about!

How often do Luma Temtem spawn?

The current odds of finding a Luma Temtem are 1 in 7500. Those odds are pretty slim, so while you could get lucky and find one straight away, expect to need to hunt around for a while if you're eager to get a Luma Temtem.

However, there are ways to raise the chances of finding a Luma Temtem. You can find more on how to increase the odds of a Luma Temtem appearing below.

How to increase the Luma Temtem spawn rate

There are a couple of ways to raise the odds of finding a Luma Temtem. We'll break each of them down below, explaining each of the methods so that you can get back to your Luma hunting.

Saipark Luma weeks

The first, and by far the easiest, way to get Luma Temtem is to venture to Saipark during a Luma week. These are regular events held in Temtem that boost the odds of finding a specific Temtem's Luma variant in Saipark by 4x. If you're not after a specific Luma Temtem and are happy to just have whatever is available at Saipark, then head over there during a Luma week.

Get Luma radars

Another way to raise the chances of finding a Luma Temtem is to rechallenge Dojo Leaders. If you win in a rematch (much harder battles that follow a competitive rule set), you will earn a Luma Radar. Temtem Radars are items that you can activate to target a specific Temtem evolutionary line. You must use them in a place where that Temtem would usually spawn, and it will cause the targeted line to appear in the overworld. You can then chain these radar encounters up to a total of 400 times with a Temtem Radar active. The longer your chain, the higher the odds of encountering a Luma Temtem.

Luma breeding

The final way to increase the odds of finding a Luma Temtem is through breeding, but you will need to use at least one Luma Temtem. If you breed a Luma Temtem with a regular Temtem, there is a 1 in 1000 chance that the offspring will be Luma. If both parents are Luma Temtem, that increases to 1 in 100. The downside to this method is Temtem can only breed a certain number of times, as depicted by their fertility rating, and that number is always going to be below 60.

That wraps up our guide on how to find Luma Temtem, but you still might want to know how to find some of the rarest Temtem. If you want to get some Luma Tuwai to get the shiny variant of its many evolutions, check out our guide on where to find and how to evolve Tuwai in Temtem. To learn more about other powerful Temtem and their evolutions, check out our full list of every Temtem. If you're still battling through the main story and need some help, take a look at our list of Dojos in Temtem and our Temtem type chart.

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