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Lust For Light: Space Moth

Bullet hell demo available

Moths are horrible things, especially the big, chunky ones. Bumbling about like swollen, dusty butterflies, they're basically what would happen if a mummified penis grew wings and decided to come and live in your house just because you left the lamp on. Fortunately, Space Moth is crowded and colourful rather than nocturnal and moon-haunted. It's a SHMUP of the bullet hell variety, although on the milder end of the scale. Well - the demo is at the milder end of the scale, but that's just the first level. It's good though, with a 'soul draining' ability that requires use of dual weapons for maximum points.

Before you watch that video - and apologies if you already have - be warned that there are some big spiders in there. Like, really big. The biggest. Granted, they're large in comparison to the moth but I'm led to believe, by the game's title, that the moth is a Space Moth so who knows how big it might be? At one point it collects ghosts for bonus points so I'd be cautious about making any scientific guesses as to its physical properties.

The demo doesn't contain the giant spider so don't worry too much about that. No flying penises either, just a whole lot of bullets and some critters with stained glass wings to pummel. Shoot 'em enough and they turn neon, which means they're ready for a concentrated blast of super laser. Problem is, when they're neon, they're more dangerous, just like a night in the city.

Space Moth is available now so why not try the demo and then consider a purchase? There's a Greenlight page too, should you care to vote, and if you're in London you can even play in an actual arcade!

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