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So, gaming on Apple machines. Clearly Paganism of the most heinous order, but as it's nearly Halloween let's deign to acknowledge it. Anyone do it? Happy stories/horror stories? Despite owning a (hilariously battered) Mac myself, it's not something I've ever especially considered. I was fairly surprised to walk into a computing store in Canada last year and see ranks and ranks of slightly old or slightly silly Mac games there, so I know there is stuff available, but personally I'd stuck to oldies - I've got Mac copies of the first two Fallouts - and, er, casualies. Woo Peggle, etc. That, I'd surmised, was pretty much the outer limit of it, at least unless I had one of those hilariously costly high-end Mac desktops that people with tiny beards and expensive spectacles buy. Two Macish stories which suggested the more mainstream Apple systems are rather game-blessed of late caught my passive eye today, though.

The first is that best-game-of-the-year-that-isn't-King's-Bounty World of Goo is getting a Mac release later this week. Endearingly, anyone who bought the Winders version will be able to also freely grab that'un, and the eventual Linux port. Strikes me it could do really, really well on Macs, as the hardware requirements are so low (I've even managed to get it running just dandy-like on my first-gen Asus EEE, which is below the minimum spec) and it's got enough slickness and artistry that the complicated-haircutted Apple fan-crowd might think it one of their own.

City of Heroes perhaps less so. But that's also about to hit OSX, a mere ten thousand years after its release, in parallel with the forthcoming Issue 13 update. It does seem an weird move to make after all these years (even if it is a fairly tokenistic one, being essentially emulated rather than truly ported), but hell, I'm in favour. While my attention always wanes after a few days of power-jumping, troll-thumping and throwing the Crab Most Muscular, COH is the MMO I've always gotten the most out of. I know Champions Online puts it in some danger, but I kinda hope a move to the Mac wins it a new audience. Now to see if it runs on my shitbag first-gen Macbook or not...

What else could/should be played on one of the electronic Macintosh machines, readers? Or does their mere mention here fill you with hatred and fear?

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