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Viddy Well: Mad Max Gameplay Galore


At what point in the market-o-rama before a game's release are you content you've seen enough and will skip over it until you can play yourself? I like to get a broad sense of a game, see an interesting facet or two, then ignore it so I can discover the game myself and be surprised. Sadly, this job rarely allows that. The sacrifices I make...

If your answer is "Everything all of it as much as I possibly can more give me more more!" then you're in luck with Mad Max [official site], thanks to a new 'choose your path' trailery thing and eighty minutes of livestreamed gameplay.

This "interactive" trailer lets you choose different approaches, but basically it's a collection of gameplay clips with links to jump between sections (you'll need video annotations enabled to see 'em). You could just watch it as a plain old video:

I do quite like when Max grapples onto a car ahead of him then turboboosts to smash the 'heck' out of it. Very nice, that. Most other approaches seem to result in explosions one way or another.

Yes, explosions are a large part of the game, as a recent long livestream of straight gameplay showed. Developers Avalanche Software streamed it on Twitch but for whatever reason, choose not to archive it. This means you're stuck with a murky stream recording with bits of the Twitch UI still showing but hey, if you want to see it all, it's not all roses:

When Mad Max was announced, it was really exciting as the first big fancy Madthing in years. After the wonders of Fury Road, it looks a little dull. Still, I do like explosions, and Avalanche are behind the Just Cause games so they sure do know about 'sploding stuff real good.

Mad Max is coming on September 1st.

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