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Mafia III, Doom, Homefront Release Dates Leaked

Take that, marketing plans!

The year 2016 is slowly spinning up and retailers just can't wait to tell you when you'll be able to give them $60 for video games. Amazon France, Best Buy, Target—they care not a whit for carefully-crafted marketing plans or poorly-kept secrets.

Which is to say the release dates for Doom [official site], Homefront: The Revolution [official site], and Mafia 3 [official site] maybe (probably) leaked.

First up, Doom (4?). After more than a decade in development, Amazon France (via IGN) says we can expect demons around June 30 - or, at least, it used to say that. Now it says December 31, an equally-placeholder date. This rumor's the least credible of the three, although IGN notes that Amazon France did leak the correct release window for the PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Anyway, the other two rumors are more plausible, given that they involve someone actually printing the release date onto a piece of paper. Preorder Homefront at Target and supposedly you'll get a card that says "Available 5.17.16" (via Xbox Achievements). And Best Buy's done the same with Mafia III, printing up preorder cards with "Available Apr. 26" stamped on them (again, via IGN).

We're in for a surprisingly busy spring if these rumors all pan out true, though as I said the Doom listing seems particularly dubious. Coaxing notoriously-shy demons out of their lockers and ceiling vents takes time, people.

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