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Crime World: Watch 12 Minutes Of Mafia III


A life of crime flashed before Adam's eyes when he saw a demo of Mafia III [official site] a few months back, then he hurried back to tell us all he saw on the other side. Now you can speculate about Mafia III yourself, as a new 12-minute gameplay vid shows the combat-heavy demo slice from Gamescom. A dev's on hand to gas with the IGN lot about what's going on in the demo and what's different in Mafia III, including chat about multiple endings and more stuff to do in the open world.

Sure, that's video game shooting? Shooting is a feature of the Mafia series, so that's something I'd expect it to have, and that's certainly shooting. It looks okay! The bits I'm be more interested in to get a feel for this new Mafia - characters, dialogue, and the world - aren't really the focus of this demo, and most of what we do see on those fronts is talked over.

Still, some of that talking-over is of interest. Creative director Haden Blackman says that devs Hangar 13 (it's not being made by series creators 2K Czech/Illusion Softworks) are planning to make the open world far more... open-world-y. Mafia has always let folks wander around its cities, but the main games didn't have much to do in them. III will have more. I imagine it'll stop far short of GTA V's yoga and whatnot, but I'm interested to discover whether the open-world antics are fun and interesting or busywork.

Mafia III's due some time in 2016. Hey, that's relatively soon!

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