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First-Person Fiddler: Magenta Sunset's Minute Interactivity

Fiddle with everything

I'm a prolific first-person poker. Let me loose in a level and I'll try to press, pick up, inspect, use, turn on, turn off, and break everything. Nothing pleased me more than a good bathroom until I saw Magenta Sunset's car. A new(ish) trailer for the first-person adventure game shows a little of what creator Joe Wintergreen calls "minute interactivity"--winding down windows, opening the glovebox, playing with lights, plopping your suitcase into the boot. Also it's driveable, cruising down forest roads and across neon deserts. And that's just the game's transport. Me, I'll shut up. You, you'll watch this.

Despite the low-poly late-'90s look, it's actually running on Unreal Engine 4. If you don't mind spoiling a little of the trailer's mystery, you can watch a few snippets, in dev videos showing off progress over the past year, stare at some screenshots, or watch a few Vines.

You might know Wintergreen and his studio Impromptu Games from ball-rolling puzzler InFlux.

Sadly, we've no word yet on when we might get to actually play Magenta Sunset. "There's not a lot to play right now, it needs a lot of work," Wintergreen said on Twitter yesterday. "It wants to tell a story but the story's nae there yet." Even the name's only a working title, though a good'un. Wintergreen's playing with a load of different projects lately, including a procedurally-generated spaceship thing.

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