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Magic Duels Deals Out Shadows Over Innistrad Update

Stave off those cravings

Wizards always have room for more tricks up their sleeves.

That joke's better than me. It deserves better. It could've been told so much better. Could someone better than me pick it up and run with it? Thanks.

Point is, the free-to-play wizard 'em up Magic Duels [official site] has launched its 'Shadows over Innistrad' update with 304 new cards to collect and cast. It's also added new story campaigns, new quests, bug fixes, and other patchy things.

Those new cards come from the cardboard version of Magic: The Gathering's recent Oath of the Gatewatch expansion and the Shadows over Innistrad set which officially launches tomorrow. Shadows continues the story from the Innistrad block a few years back, revisiting a much-liked set and setting after things have gone a bit... wrong. Innistrad already had gothic horror up the wazoo and oh dear oh dear.

As with other Magic Duels cards, these can be unlocked by buying 'packs' with either a currency earned by playing or by coughing up real cash.

I've not had a play of the new set (or the new update yet), but I am seeing a few complaints that a few cards have been removed, that the game can skip phases when it incorrectly thinks players have no available moves, and other bugs. Check the patch notes for details on new things and broken things too. Me, I'm just hopeful that getting to play with some of the new cards while stave off that nagging urge to swing by a games shop for a draft tournament, just a casual one, no need to buy into it, just play a few rounds and slowly give yourself over to cardboard again.

There's really something good to be done with that wizard sleeves joke idea, I tell you.

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