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Magicka: It's An Adventure Of Some Sort

I think I have a new favourite trailer. For Magicka. Despite the accolades it's already won it hasn't crossed my path before, only announced this week as an official game. It's the creation of developers Arrowhead Games, based in Skellefteå, Sweden, and appears to be a cross between a dungeon crawler and a top-down shooter, letting you create your own magic spells on the fly. Offering up to four-player co-op, it's, well, offering the chance to "become immersed in a generic fantasy world". Which is where it gets enticing.

It's only rumoured for PC at this time, while confirmed for XBLA, but looking at the potential fun I'm very hopeful they'll do the obvious and take advantage of the enormous digital distribution options for our tall boxes. It seems fast-paced and explosive, if simplistic (it was originally conceived in 2D, and then switched to 3D later on). And, well, just watch the trailer:

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