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Space Odyssey: Maia Gets Big Bug Bashing Update

Dungeon Keeper in Space

Simon Roth's sci-fi survival game Maia [official site] has been in deep development for a while now - the last time we mentioned it was 2014 and it had already been in Early Access for the better part of a year. Roth has continued toiling away at his Dungeon Keeper In Space, releasing videos now and again of its status.

For those counting at home, we are now up to Update 0.50. It's a doozy - among other things it takes a giant whack at critical gameplay issues.

In the words of Roth: "This build adds new research, a repair bot and a new custom map and climates system. The main focus of this build was bug fixing. I've killed over 1/3 of the bugs in the tracker and have eliminated all critical gameplay issues."

Go ahead and take a look:

Maia, if you remember, is a fascinating Space colony management simulation. We played the game all the way back in 2013, describing it as a game in which science takes the place of RPG stats and Space flora and fauna reacts to their ecosystem.

"As I watched Simon construct the beginnings of a base, in caves that are protected from the violent and changeable weather that alternately bombards, burns and freezes the surface, he often hesitated as I asked about various occurrences and features. Eventually, I had to change my approach because I was looking for individual systems, wondering how health, happiness and diet were tracked and monitored, when I should have been looking at the entire simulation as one, extremely complex machine."

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