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Make friends and steal their mail in Willowbrooke Post

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There is something immensely satisfying about the idea of running a post office. Maybe it's just because I'm that nerd who gets very excited about having a parcel on the way, but something about the blend of organisation and communication seems appealing in a way that other job simulations aren't. So next week's early access launch of Willowbrooke Post has my attention, and I’m delivering its trailer to you below.

The fun thing about being left the family post office after your parents run off is that it’s up to you whether people get their packages at all. Fancy a new camera? Well, Magnifique is supposed to be receiving one, but you could just keep it. “You’ll witness a glimpse of their darker side,” says the game’s description, but I’m sure that’s fine.

You have a reputation with characters across the village, which you can improve by delivering them their packages properly and baking them delicious treats. You can also learn more about them “through the types of parcels they send and the letters they write.” It doesn’t say whether reading their private mail will make them less friendly towards you, but who doesn’t like a good snoop?

On second thoughts, I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't become a postal worker at all.

It seems that all the actual management is ready to go, but the narrative and characters will be expanded on as early access continues. So if you want to learn more about the curious Magnifique, maybe hold off for a while. But if you just want to sling letters, you can already dive into “sorting packages for delivery, parcel wrapping, stamping letters, typing out emails, writing letters, and managing your ledger.”

All the glory of a real life job, but in video game form. So, much better.

Willowbrooke Post will enter early access on Steam and Humble on Wednesday the 27th of March.

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