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Manifold Garden: what you actually do in this glorious Escher-scape

Nurturing physics trees

Manifold Garden [official site] is a game I've had my eye on for a while but I realise I've been treating it more as an aesthetic curio than a game. It was only when I was watching the latest dev video summing up nearly a year of progress that I realised what playing it actually entails - cubes growing into trees and recursive bonsai save worlds are just a couple of the cool things involved!

I think there's not much else to say aside from how the game's aesthetic continues to delight me. I keep imagining having screengrabs from the game as fabric prints I can use to make clothes or as wallpaper for an accent wall which you can't look at when you're a bit tipsy because it's too confusing. It's one of those games where the release will obviously be nice but there's a surprising amount of pleasure from just seeing it in development in a way that you don't get with a lot of games. It's not just a hype cycle, it's enjoyable as a thing in its own right.

But that is probably not a helpful perspective for Games Business Money Things and so: Manifold Garden is expected to be released on Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4 later this year and will bring you a sort of gravity-manipulation Escher garden to play with.

In the meantime the TIGForum thread for the game is here and following it gives me a lot of pleasure :)

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Manifold Garden

PS4, PC, Mac

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