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Mano A MOBA: Gearbox's Battleborn E3 Trailer

More FPS-RPG fun

I'd forgotten that Borderlands chaps Gearbox were making a MOBA-tinged FPS too. They are, a new trailer for Battleborn [official site] reminds me, though I wonder whether their recent silence on the game has reflected a rethinking of things. The 14 minutes of gameplay they showed last September looked a bit dull, with hordes of enemies lining up to plink away with harmless guns.

Now they're back with a handful more details on co-op and competitive multiplayer and singleplayer and a snappy pop music trailer ahead of its release this winter (and showing at E3).

Gearbox explain that its campaign will be playable on your lonesome or with up to four chums, while competitive play will be 5v5 across three modes. If one of those modes doesn't at least resemble yer classic three-lane MOBA dealio, I'll spit on your hat.

It'll have 25 characters to choose from, which is a small amount for a MOBA but a lot for an FPS. Marketing materials place it under the loathsome genre of "hero shooter" but it's an FPS-RPG with active skills and levelling and... I'm sure you get the picture.

If you don't, this trailer probably won't help much because it's all quick clips and snappy edits. It's also the game's E3 trailer, so posting this now may give me five minutes of peace and quiet that I'll desperately need in - oh god - two weeks.

[Disclosure: I used to work with several people who now work at Gearbox. I still think Borderlands is boring.]

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