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But It's February: March Of The Eagles Demo & Release

Paradox's newly-released grand strategy game March of the Eagles gave our Adam something of a road to multiplayer Damascus moment, but now you are free from the iron grip of reading other people's words and able to try this game of Napoleonic conquest yourself. The demo's up on Steam for you to try, unless you don't fancy it tonight, Josephine.

The demo's over on the right of this Steam page - there doesn't appEar to be any other way to acquire it as yet, Valve-fearers.

We've not yet noted that the game's now been released, so I can do that now: the game has now been released. It came out on Monday in fact, and can be acquired from yer usual GamersGates, Steams and whatnot for £15. I believe Adam will be along soon with some manner of verdict, but then again I wasn't really paying attention to what he said, so maybe he was talking about buying a pet eagle next month.

Here's a launch trailer. For the Paradox game, I mean, not Adam's fictional domesticated bird of prey:

More details and moving pictures here.

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