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Marked Improvement: Mark Of The Ninja's Special Edition

Guysguysguysguysguysguysguys! HOLD THE PHONE. Are you holding it? Physically? Cradling it, perhaps, like a precious infant or a 20-strong stack of the world's most delicious pies? OK, good. Here goes: Mark of the Ninja's adding a mode with non-lethal takedowns. Their absence, if you'll remember, was one of my only real grievances with what's otherwise one of the best stealth games in years. This is probably the most exciting thing to happen since man landed on the moon or I built that pie tower earlier today. Oh, but Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition has other things, too - including a new playable character, prequel level, and heaps of developer commentary. Details and some pictures that move with remarkable speed in spite of their baggy stealth pajamas after the break.

Encouragingly, Klei opted to envision what it's calling a "Criterion Collection version" of MotN, as it felt the transcendentally tip-toeing side-scroller dashed out the gate complete to begin with. So then, what does that mean for you? Some pretty substantial extras, that's what. Highlights include the afore-breathlessly-bellowed non-lethal takedown mode, two new items, and commentary on every level that will "discuss various aspects of the game’s creation, anecdotes, at least two history lessons, and other behind the scenes info from nearly everyone on the team." Hurrah!

Oh, and then there's also an entire prequel ministory to perch plaintively atop this masterfully silent sundae. Klei explained:

"The new level is set in a flashback to the early life of Dosan (the ninja’s tattoo artist) that will set the stage for the events that transpire in Mark of the Ninja."

It's slinking onto hard drives this summer for a price that's yet to be determined. I'm not really sure why, but I guess because ninjas and secrets and stuff. Or maybe just because Klei hasn't really found time to discuss it. Anything is possible, really. But if we're talking probable, yeah, it's almost definitely the thing with the ninjas.

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Mark of the Ninja

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