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Marvel Snap's new store tokens will let players to nab their most wanted cards

Power Cosmic update brings Silver Surfer into play in December

Free to play superhero card battler Marvel Snap is getting a Power Cosmic update for PC and mobile on December 6th. The big deal with this update is the arrival of Collector Tokens that’ll let you snap up cards you want from the new store. Given the name, it’s not surprising to hear that some fresh, cosmic-themed rare cards are set to land too, including the Silver Surfer and his absolute unit of a mate, Galactus. Watch the dev update video below for more of ever enthusiastic developer Ben Brode talking about what’s coming in the Power Cosmic update.

Marvel Snap's going cosmic in its next update on December 6th.

Tokens are being introduced to let players collect specific cards, instead of relying on them to pop randomly in boosters. Collector Tokens are named for cosmic Marvel character the Collector, aka: Benecio del Toro in the MCU. When the Power Cosmic update lands, you’ll be able to unlock these from Collector’s Caches or Reserves in the Collection Level Track of the game’s season pass. That starts at Level 500, and tokens will replace boosters in these caches. You’ll also be able to buy cards from the new token shop, where what’s on offer rotates every eight hours. If you spot one you've got your eye on but don't have the requisite token count for it, worry not, as there’ll also be the option to pin cards so they won’t rotate out of your grasp.

Marvel Snap’s cards are separated out into Series, and two more are arriving with the Power Cosmic update. Series 4 and 5 will add some familiar cosmic characters such as the heroic Silver Surfer, planet-gobbler Galactus, and everyone’s favourite finger-snapper Thanos. Rather interestingly, it’ll also bring all six of the Infinity Gems into the card game. These each have their own special abilities, as you might expect from some of the most powerful objects in the multiverse. The Reality Stone, for example, will take you to a new location, while the Power Stone will boost Thanos’ power by ten if you’ve played all six stones. It's still got nothing on the game's Uncle Ben card, though, which solely exists to bring Spider-Man into your deck if he dies. A brilliant bit of lore-building, that.

Devs Second Dinner revealed recently that Marvel Snap will get a dedicated battle mode before the end of the year, along with an unranked mode and the aforementioned Collector Tokens. Battle mode will pit friends against each other over multiple matches, with the first to lose all their health pool knocked out. Unranked is meant to give you a chance to meddle about with your decks and strategies before testing them out in other modes. You can see the full roadmap for Marvel Snap here.

Marvel Snap is a free to play download from Steam. It’s also available on iOS and Android. You can read more about the Power Cosmic update, coming on December 6th, here.

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