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Marvel's Avengers adds Kate Bishop, AKA the other Hawkeye

Not you, Clint.

Now that Iron Lad, The Cap'n and all the other big-name members of Marvel's Avengers have gotten settled in with each other, it's time to add a new character to the mix-up. Crystal Dynamics' first post-launch hero is Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), not to be confused with Hawkeye (Clint Barton), whose incredible superpower is the ability to lodge a sharp stick between your eyes using nothing but a bigger stick and a piece of string.

Arriving today with her own new story mission, Bishop (shockingly) excels in ranged combat, pew-pew'ing her enemies with a grab-bag of fancy arrows.

As per Square Enix' reveal post, Bishop arrives with a broad toolkit filled with different kinds of arrowheads - tranquilisers for stunning, timed explosives for 'sploding, smoke screens for evasion, and warp arrows for getting out of a tight spot fast. Combined with a teleporting blink and holographic decoys, her best bet is to keep enemies off her back and at a distance.

These are all tricks you'll get to try in a new story campaign, "Taking AIM". Your man with the eyepatch Nick Fury has gone missing, and so too has the other Hawkeye (and Kate's mentor) Clint, leading Bishop into an investigation that'll have her sniping dozens of AIM goons before eventually reuniting with the Avengers proper. While you can play the new campaign at any time, Squenix say you should probably finish the main Kamala campaign first for continuity reasons and all, while Clint himself will show up proper in another update, Future Imperfect, sometime early next year.

It's no secret that Marvel's Avengers hasn't done too well for Squenix, with a lacklustre launch leading to declining player numbers. While we never reviewed it ourselves, it seems there was a pretty large gulf between the game's quite-good singleplayer story and the naff, Destiny-adjacent loot 'em up endgame. Hopefully, new story content and heroes can help build on those good bits and keep the game alive a little while longer.

Disclosure: I'm told RPS co-founder Kieron Gillen did some writing on Kate in those Young Avengers comics, which is kinda like writing videogame posts but with way more pictures.

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