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Marvel's Midnight Suns new trailer explains how to make Spider-Man from a deck of cards

Lots of flips and free actions

I've been experiencing Marvel fatigue for, oh, around seven years now. To compensate, I decided to watch Marvel's Midnight Suns latest trailer while pretending it wasn't about Marvel superheroes, but just a Firaxis-made tactics game with character classes who have wildly divergent skillsets. The video focuses on the spider-powered class - and heck, it does look pretty cool.

Here's the video:

The fella with the spider skills is based around quick, agile attacks. That means you've got a bunch of cards you can play which are "free", which means they don't drain Heroism, which is Midnight Suns' equivalent of action points. You also have lots of attacks that use the environment to cause damage, like spin-kicking crates into goons' faces.

In the fight shown above, the player deploys the Opportunist card, which allows Sir Spides to perform two environmental attacks for free. He then shows off a passive ability called Bring Down The House - which is gained by spending time with the arachnid-boy between missions - which offers a 15% chance for environmental attacks to refund their heroism cost.

All of these cards can be upgraded to make them stronger, or to make their cost lower or entirely free. It looks like you'll be able to construct a deck overtime that turns this lad-wot-spiders into a nippy damage-dealer who is good at crowd control. I want to do that. And it's undeniably exciting that this is just one hero character class of many.

Katharine had a proper look at Midnight Suns last month and came away impressed, wonky conversations back at your heroes' base aside. Its October 7th release date isn't too far off, either.

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