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Mass Effect 2: Sentinel & Voice Cast

The Mass Effect 2 videos keep on coming. They can't be stopped. It's an AVALANCHE! A brand new one arrives to tell us about the new Sentinel class, and then there's the video showing off all the actors they've rounded up for providing voices this time out. It's an astonishing cast. You're compelled to watch.

The Sentinel is the a-bit-of-everything class. He can use both biotic and tech powers, as well as tech armour. I'm getting a little fed up of combat trailers in a game I'll be primarily playing for the chitchat, but watching this one makes the fighting look a lot more convincing. In fact, BioWare may have nailed it as a shooter as well as an RPG this time, if the frantic fighting here is representative. Take a look.

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So who have they got offering their vocal chords? It's impressive to say the least. If you'd rather be surprised skip straight to the video below (apart from the one I've ruined at the top). Meanwhile, the president of America for one! The pretend one, admittedly, but still the best one they ever had, Martin Sheen. (I previously accused him of sounding like he was crossed with Casey Kasem, but it turns out to be the ungenetically spliced original. Oh, and it seems to be spelt "Illusive Man" after all, commenting fools.) You've also got Seth Green reprising his role from the original along with his sparkly eyes. Number 6 is in the mix, Tricia Helfer, playing the ship's computer, EDI. And excuse me for a moment.


Yvonne Strahovski is in it! Her from Chuck. She plays Miranda Lawson, genetically modified to be the perfect woman. Typecast! Doubling down on the Chuck cast brings us Adam Baldwin (who more importantly was also Jayne in Firefly) as Kal'Reegar. There's also Mrs Matrix, Carrie-Anne Moss as Aria, old Cyclops from BSG, Michael Hogan as Capt. Bailey, and Natalia Cigliuti. If you've not heard of her, you might want to check out the surprisingly decent Raising The Bar on TNT in the US (not least because it has Zack from Saved By The Bell in it). She plays Morinth. Keith David is back as Councilman Anderson. The fabulous voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo (whose name they impressively spell incorrectly in the video) gives us Admiral Shala'Raan (you may recognise her from her conspiratorial role in FlashForward). Liz Sroka is back as Tali, an extremely cool-looking Michael Dorn sports a fine moustache and the voice of Krogan Gatatog Uvenk, and game voice regular Simon Templeman plays Han Gerrel. But there's still absolutely no love for Jennifer Hale whose voice has not appeared in a single trailer.

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