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BioWare Blathering: Mass Effect And Something Brand New

BioWare confirm: they're making video games

BioWare have spoken openly about making another Mass Effect game for over a year now (not that it was ever in doubt). They've told us that Shepard's story is over, that it's time for someone new, and that it's not called Mass Effect 4, but that's about all. Surely, one might think, that by E3 2014 they'd be ready to say something solid about the game. Perhaps a cinematic teaser trailer. A few plot hints. A name, at the very least. They named it, didn't they? Well, no. But BioWare have shown off a few seconds of "conceptual prototype" footage and some model renders.

They've also announced they're working on something entirely new and no, they don't have much to say about that either.

The new Mass Effect will return a bit to the first game's planetary roaming, though they only mention walking--not pootling around in wonky moonbuggies. BioWare also say that it looks very pretty, which is nice. It's in development at BioWare's Montreal studio while the head office in Edmonton are working on their mystery new game.

Various BioWare heads call it "a completely new IP" and "a chance to have a clean-sheet design, start from the most fundamental principles you could have." One says they "want to take on very contemporary stories and yet we want to build a world that is as big and as imaginative as everything we've done before. Perhaps the only solid details are that it's in a fictional world and they've made tech for seasonal cycles. Great. Useful stuff. Top trailering, you guys.

So that's the news: BioWare are making video games. See for yourself.

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