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Mass Effect trilogy remasters won't come in October, rumours say

Not that EA have announced them yet

Everything's delayed this year, even the games no one actually announced. The oft-rumoured remasters of the original Mass Effect trilogy have been delayed, according to a new rumour, though this isn't too surprising/disappointing given that we don't know for certain they're actually real. Rumours had said EA were revamping the first three Mass Effect games for release this October, or at least by March 2021, and the latest whispers say Mass Effect: Legendary Edition come in early 2021. I mean, given that EA still haven't even announced any such project, I'm not surprised that it wouldn't be coming next month.

The latest rumours come from VentureBeat, who shared rumours earlier this year too. They say they'd heard that EA would announce and launch Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in October, but people in the know have told them is due in early 2021. They claim they've heard the first game is a weak point of the new collection, in how it both plays and looks, and the devs are concerned players will be put off from playing through to the fancier sequels. Supposedly ME3's multiplayer won't make it into the new edition either. Not knowing who VentureBeat's unnamed sources are, it's not clear how much they actually know about this yet-unannounced project. Which I guess we're all accepting probably is happening?

The fact that a new Mass Effect art book is expected in March 2021 might lend support to that early 2021ing. Good time to launch an art book, the launch of a remaster.

Our Imogen has a few thoughts on what she'd like to see in the Mass Effect remasters. I'm definitely with her on making Saren less visibly an evil technomonster from the start.

I had a hankering for Mass Effect earlier this year but, hearing the remaster rumours, put off revisiting the trilogy and finally got around to Andromeda. It's alright, that, but it's a shame it has just so much... stuff. If only one in ten sidequests is interesting, I'd rather it didn't have the other nine for me to grind through in the hope of hitting that good one. All this busywork bored me and I gave up before heading to Elaaden. If the wait for these hypothetical remasters is now longer, maybe I'll head back to the Andromeda galaxy and start ignoring sidequests.

I've only just found out that the Mass Effect end credits song, which BioWare licensed, had a music video all of its own which actually kinda works as a crab version of Mass Effect's backstory.

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We may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

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