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Mass Regret: Last ME3 DLC To Be Not-Rubbish?

Bioware have so far seemed determined to end their first Mass Effect trilogy with a whimper rather than a space-Jesus bang, with the DLC to date having been distinctly underwhelming. Is it just using up old stuff to earn a few more pennies, is it a sign that the devs are fairly disheartened with the game after EndingGate, is it that all the good staff are too busy working on Mass Effect 4: Shepard Bought A Zoo, or is it that the mysterious and sinister Satisfaction Thieves came and stole all the good bits during the night? We shall never know.

What we can do instead is hope, pray and passive-aggressively demand that the next and final Mass Effect 3 DLC will be more Citadel than Shitadel. Several major cast members, including Seth 'him out of Buffy' Green as Joker, have recorded new lines, there are eight writers working on the thing and there are Krogan in it.

ME3 staff, including lead Casey 'makes it up as he goes along' Hudson, have tweeted the first coupla screenshots from the new, still unnamed add-on. The first seems to show dear old Krogan bossguy Wrex in the company of Shepard, in what rather looks to me like it could be a new casino section of the (in ME3) disappointingly small Citadel space station.

Does this suggest Wrex will be a playable squad member in the new pack - for the first time since the original Mass Effect? That's an appealing idea both for conversation and for combat, presuming they make good on the last two games' assertion that he's basically Krogan Arnie by this point.

The second shot shows a Krogan in power armour with some sort of mega-axe. Or mega-hammer. I'm not sure, I'm no expert in mega-tools. Missus.

Speculation (including via Eurogamer) is that this is a new multiplayer class, but I wouldn't mind encountering these big fellas as some sort of mega-enemy in singleplayer too. (I must stop saying 'mega.')

News that olden cast members, including the aforementioned Seth Green and also Raphael Sbarge, the chap behind Kaiden, would be laying down new lines arrived in December. It's the first time Green has recorded for DLC, so there's a rising hope that we're in for a big climax (again, missus) rather than just a random bonus adventure, but who knows? If that Wrex shot is from a shiny'n'populated Citadel, surely it can then only be from earlier in ME3's narrative, plus I can't quite see them re-concluding the game for a third time, somehow.

Also revealed then was that this mysterious add-on would be the first DLC ME3 composer Sam Hulick would return for, again suggesting this is a grander affair than its predecessors, Leviathan and Omega.

So yeah.

DLC, eh?


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