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MechWarrior Online In Testing Times. The Good Kind.

MechWarrior Online BZZZZZTT --MAJOR UPDATE-- Juggada-guggada-beeeeeooooooooooo. I speak fluent Giant Robot. The freebie stompy robots game has just added another new batch of content, which includes yet another mech to charge about in, and a tutorial zone called Testing Grounds.

Testing Grounds is a practice area, where you're not risking bots in the arenas proper, letting you get familiar with it all without losing bits and pride. So if you were hesitant about early play seeing you on the bottom of public scoreboards, you can put aside your shame and rehearse a-plenty.

Also new in this patch are Savior Kills and Defensive Kills. The former is... oh, blimey, I'll let them say it:

"Savior Kills give rewards upon killing an enemy Mech, if an enemy who had been attacking a teammate who has a critical component that is 50 percent health or lower within the last 10 seconds you will be awarded 7500CBills, and 150XP."

Yeah, that. Defensive Kills are slightly less confusing:

"Defensive Kills rewards for killing an enemy Mech if that enemy was currently capping a base, anyone who had attacked the capturing mech within the last 10 seconds will be awarded 7500CBills, and 150XP."

There are improvements for players suffering with latency issues, new pretty colours for dressing up your massive killer dolls, and indeed a new killer doll to play with: the Hero Mech, Cicada. He goes 133kph forward, 90kph backward! But actually that's only 83mph and 56mph backward, so you know. Tricksy Canadians. Here's a little film introducing this new chap.

Are you stamping your way about in this one?

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