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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Is Impervious To Bullets

I've always found it curious that Medal of Honor Warfighter's title is singular. Well, OK, first I found it curious that anyone would name a game "Warfighter," but - based on the numbers these things do - there is an incredibly discerning customer out there somewhere who walks through GameStop treating his Homefronts and Duty Fields Of Honor like fine vintages, considering each with a seasoned palette and meticulously popped collar. Still though, why Warfighter? Why not Warfighters? Seven minutes of new footage, however, finally doused my most burning of questions. Put simply, they only need one.

That man is clearly some sort of bullet-proof bullet magnet. Right off the bat, he ate a sniper shot and merely fell down - as though briefly caught off guard by an overzealous puppy. After that, he showed blatant disregard for cover, because what else would you do if you just discovered your own immortality? I also like how enemy snipers simply stopped firing on him during the downtime between his call for an airstrike and the moment it actually launched. It's like they were saying, "You know what, dude? You got us. Awesome job. We knew you could do it." And then they saluted him as a rain of Warfighter's (singular!) warheads reduced them to charred flecks of dust.

And then there was the little drone that could. Sure, it struck me as a bit of a "Hey, we've got them too" aimed in Call of Duty's general direction, but the dreaded, treaded weapon of disproportionate destruction had a last stand moment that was sort of neat. So yes, lots of rah-rah-rah shooty shoot loudness with Frostbite 2 doing quite a number on bullet-shredded airborne bits. If that's your thing, this looks to fit the bill decently enough. It's out at the end of October, and will hopefully also explore the philosophical ramifications of being an immortal, ageless being who knows only bloodshed. But probably not.

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