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Smash-o! Medieval Engineers Launches Into Early Access

Build things and smash things

A touch over a month after announcing Medieval Engineers [official site], Keen Software have now launched the low-tech counterpart to Space Engineers. Well, they've launched it into Early Access. I can't imagine a sandbox crafty build 'em up doing it any other way, though. Actually. How would Minecraftbuts turn out if they did launch without that lengthy phase of large-scale testing and feedback? Perhaps closer to a LEGO set, made with a specific purpose in mind, than a jumbled box of bricks? Or over-ambitious and under-delivering? Anyway, I don't have time to ramble on about that now.

Medieval Engineers, then, is your usual crafty buildy antics but with physics-driven interactions. You can make chunky big medieval machinery, and the physics applies to destruction too. Dream of siege weaponry smashing castle walls.

It's early days, though. As ever, a sensible idea for Early Access games is to not buy them unless you think you'd be happy with them in their current state, and still wouldn't mind too much if it never changed, or wouldn't mind if it changed a lot. Pay for the reality, not the dream, I'm saying.

Keen say this won't harm development on Space Engineers, and they plan to shuttle features and tech back and forth between the two.

Medieval Engineers run you £14.99 on Steam Early Access. But how does it all work? See in this here tutorial trailer:

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