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Meet Alice Liguori, RPS's third video person (and third Alice)

It's getting confusing now

Our video team has finally evolved into its final form! Alice Liguori is joining Noa and Matthew in making videos about PC games on our YouTube channel. Please join us in saying hello to Alice in the comments below.

Alice joins us from PCGamesN, where she was the site's YouTube channel editor. That means she brings experience in presenting, editing and writing videos about PC games. She also rounds out our existing video team by knowing what direction to point a camera, which will be invaluable as we ramp up our efforts on the channel and attempt to make use of the cameras, mics and lighting rigs we're about to order.

If you've not been keeping up with the video team's work so far, you've been missing out. Alice's first video will go live on Sunday - follow her on Twitter in the meantime - but Matthew and Noa have been doing great work already over the past couple of months. As an example, here's Matthew (joined by Brendan from our word and punctuation division) playing Mount & Blade 2 at last month's Gamescom:

Matthew, Noa and Alice are the culmination of a year-long search for the best people to take RPS into the world of video, and we're incredibly excited for what the team have got planned in the months ahead.

And yes, as the title notes: Alice Liguori is our third Alice, after Alice O'Connor and Alice Bell. We now have three Alices, two Smiths (of four in the site's lifetime), a Matt, a Matthew, and some other people we're urging to change their name to one of the aforementioned for simplicity's sake.

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