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Meet The New Chaos Engine, Same As The Old One

I meant to stop by the Chaos Engine stand at Rezzed, but every time I scooted past I was going from one thing to another, in the manner of a very busy journalist, and never quite got around to playing it. It kept catching my eye because I honestly thought they were doing was displaying the 1993 version. I'd imagined the new version, which had only just been announced, wasn't ready for public display. As it turned out, I was looking at the new version. The aesthetic, the action, the core game that they're bringing back will be almost exactly the same as the game that was released 20 years ago. Video is below.

It's less of a remake and more of a rescaling. In fact, as the video below states: "The core of it is built around the original Amiga code." So it will be true to game that was released all those years ago, with extra features tottering atop the original's form. Yeah, it'll still be rock hard. It'll be possible to switch off the modern blurry bling, removing that smoothing and returning the pixels to their right-angled glory. But there are a few modern concessions: online co-op with another player will be supported, and while there won't be official additional levels, there's talk of Steam Workshop support for extra levels from the community.

Adam is doing something with his face. I think it's a smile. I wonder if he can keep it up until the release in August?

Via Eurogamer.

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