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Megasphere Is Too Sexy For Its GIFs

Let me tell you a secret: games journalists are rather like cats. Many are fluffy. Most sleep at weird hours. And most importantly, we all have an inexplicable attraction to fast-moving, glowing things. Which is probably why I can't stop staring at Megasphere [official site], an action platformer with lots of shiny, kinetic bobs and bits.

The sci-fi extravaganza will have players crashing through an unpredictable world where you need to either a) beat the builders or b) locate a helpful teleporter. It looks like your armament will only consist of a single, stupendously oversized gun named the Atomizer, but there will be Gun Modes to unlock. And power ups. Your suit can also be modified in order to increase its effectiveness, and to support your ongoing attempts to become this cybernetic world's biggest bad-ass.

And god, have I mentioned how pretty all of this is? Honestly, look at those GIFs. Look at the way the boxes bounce in this kinetically-conscious space. Look at that grotesquely flexible robot-spider-Lovecraftian-monstrosity. Look at that pixelated explosion of white-hot plasma. Breathtaking, fellas. Utterly breathtaking.

As with the case with most modern games these days, Megasphere features permadeath, although that does make sense within the context. The game will support both gamepads and the standard mouse + keyboard combination. If you feel like it, you can chuck it a thumbs-up on Steam to get it Greenlit.

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