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Merry Christmas, it's time to play Skeal

The best joke this side of a Christmas cracker

While carved pumpkins and turnips have barely begun to rot on windowsills, Christmastime is in full swing as far as the shops are concerned. There's nowt else on this year so sure, let's break out the old Christmas traditions already. And where better to start than Skeal? Pop on your mittens, brew a flask of cocoa, and hit the slopes in this free game to experience the snow, sleigh bells, power, pleasure, and pain of the Yuletide season. It's the best bit of daft wordplay this side of a Christmas cracker.

In previous years, I've said: look, Skeal is free to download from Itch, and also comes in a VR version and a depreciated browser version, so hop to and play it, I won't spoil the surprise.

But we've been doing this for years now. You have surely already experienced the surprises for yourself, and shared them with your nearest and dearest. I imagine many of you play Skeal with your families round an open fire every Christmas. It's another tradition just like watching Elf or trying to get the tin of Quality Street out Uncle James's hands without waking him. So I'll just wham a video in (sound on, obvs), no harm.

May Skeal's creator, Nick Cummings, be blessed with all manner of nuts, fruits, truffles, and spices this season.

I started taking a vitamin D supplement today so I am READY let's go, WINTER you COWARD.

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