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Metal Gear Online Video Shows Bounty Hunter Mode

It's delayed on PC though, boo!

Mistakenly lock eyes with a D-Dog plush toy in Metal Gear Online, and when you snap out your stupor you may find yourself hoisted into the air with a balloon on your bum.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site] does have a little multiplayer action through its Forward Operating Base invasions, but it's getting a big fancy affair with teamplay and different modes - not to mention zany gadgets like cute D-Dogs - as a free update. Metal Gear Online is delayed on PC, but with the console launch soon, Konami are showing it off a little so we can at least see what we'll get next year:

And now, that in word form for folks who can't/won't watch this. Playing (mostly) as generic mercs, Metal Gear Online players get a choice of three classes: the zippy, cloaking Infiltrator; the enemy-spotting sniper Scout; and the tanky, heavily-armed Enforcer. You can customise your merc and loadouts, of course.

This video focuses on the game's Bounty Hunter mode, a team deathmatch of sorts. Both teams start with the same number of respawn tickets, and exhausting theirs makes you win, obvs. But! When players take people out, they'll starting racking up bounty points - which their enemies can turn into more tickets if they manage to Fulton them. The better you play, the more attractive a target you become.

MGO will let people play with wacky high-level gadgets like teleporters and Fulton cannons, and will also have rare opportunities to play as Ocelot and Big Boss. Shalashaska will get to do trick shots with his revolvers, like ricocheting bullets into hidden enemies, while Boss gets that dear old Rocket Fist.

For us, that'll all come... eventually. Metal Gear Online is due to hit console versions on October 6th, but isn't due on PC until January 2016. Boo.

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