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Metal Gear Online's Cloaked In Silence DLC This Month


Expert sniper Quiet is joining Metal Gear Online [official site] as a playable special character in the upcoming 'Cloaked in Silence' DLC, and I'm sorely disappointed in everyone who won't get into character by humming over voice comms whenever they see an enemy. The add-on will also chuck in three new maps and give unlimited access to a new mode which will only allow non-DLCers a few plays each week. Me, I'm mostly in it to bug teamies by humming away with a crinkling binbag tied round my left arm.

Konami have let slip the odd detail about this DLC, but now they've laid it all out, plain and simple. Cloaked in Silence is due on Tuesday, March 15th. Konami say it'll cost $3.99/€3.99, which is probably about £3.

Quiet will be playable as a unique character (joining the ranks of Big Boss and Ocelot) with her own special abilities - zipping around all fast-like and leaping up places rather than using ladders, as well as cloaking to go even faster.

Cloaked in Silence also adds 'Survival' mode, which Konami explain like so:

"In Survival, players create a team of 6 or join an existing team. The main objective is to aim for consecutive wins over several matches where the map and mission criteria is selected randomly. You will obtain the reward depending on the number of wins until you lose, or by winning 5 times in a row."

Folks who don't buy the DLC will be able to play Survival a bit, but they'll be limited to ten times per week. Cough up cash and you can play as much as you please.

Also for everyone - properly for everyone, no restrictions - is the new 'Sabotage' mission type, where one team will try to destroy of Fulton the enemy's missile. It's a two-stage assault, with computers to hack to take down barriers before attackers can get in.

Lastly, the DLC's has three new maps, and folks will need to buy to play on them. Coral Complex, set on a small chunk of Motherbase, Rust Palace, which you may recognise from half a dozen Phantom Pain campaign missions, and Azure Mountain from that fun mission where you get to steal a load of Walker Gears (and later do that again in 'Total Stealth' - having Quiet very forcefully tranq everyone somehow didn't disrupt that stealth requirement).

I plinked at Metal Gear Online a teeny bit when it launched in January, but haven't really touched it since. I was a bit burnt out after The Phantom Pain's story campaign dragged on and on, I think. Which is a shame, because in theory human opponents could bring new life to its sneaking and gadgets - less predictable than the AI who presented no challenge after 100+ hours. I just didn't have it in me.

I grew really quite fond of Quiet, you know.

Oh, and Konami are releasing extra packs of wacky posing animations as paid DLC.

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