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Metal Gear Survive trailer shows off sneaking and base building

Zombie slipping goodness

Woooo - there's a new Metal Gear game coming out next month! Boooo - it's a zombie survival game. Metal Gear Survive is Konami’s new Metal Gear V spinoff, which swaps shooty men and paramilitary politics for clawy zombies and weird dimensional rifts.

It's a premise that's easy to scoff at, and arguably an unimaginative step for the series to take. But you know what? The sneaking, crafting and base building on display in the latest trailer - and a more detailed one from a few weeks back - look compelling enough to make me think that it might be worth giving the game a chance after all.

So yeah, the whole po-faced soldier stuck in zombie hell thing doesn't really interest me plot-wise. What I can get behind, though, are the new base building mechanics combined with a survivor rescuing version of the staff-recruitment scheme from Metal Gear 5. Designing a fortress and building up a community of survivors sounds like a good time to me. Poking at zombies through a fence doesn't look like the best of times, but the strategic placement of those fences? Sign me up.

In fairness, the defence placement system looks like it provides more options than that. You can slap down towers to provide sniper spots or to reach otherwise inaccessible rooftops, and there are manned and automated turrets in the mix too.

Clearly though, the best bit from the trailer is when the genero-soldier player character lays down a trap that sends a pursuing zombie horde sliding over a cliff. Look at 'em go!

If you're after a more detailed and less cinematic-heavy overview, here's a trailer from a few weeks back.

Metal Gear Survive will release on February 20 in the US and February 22 in Europe.

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