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Run 'N' Fun: Metal Slug X On Steam

With online co-op

The 'X' in Metal Slug X does not stand for 10. No, the X stands for this is the nineties and everything is xtreme to the max. The Metal Slug part of the name, that stands for this is a game about running and jumping and shooting the heck out of everything. First released in 1999 on Neo Geo, the expanded version of Metal Slug 2 arrived on Steam last week with new bits like online multiplayer and global leaderboards.

Metal Slug's a classic in the run 'n' gun world, with big guns, driveable vehicles, a weird semi-magical world where you'll meet soldiers, tanks, and genies, and lovely smooth pixel art that holds up wonderfully. The eponymous slug is a tank, by the way, and not e.g. a gastropod infused with iron.

This port's by DotEmu, the folks who brought Metal Slug 3 earlier over this year. Steam user reviews seem happier with this than that port, noting that you can have unlimited continues if you fancy, and that the online co-op seems more reliable. So they say, anyway. It'll run you £5.59.

DotEmu are also bringing over several games from SNK's man-punching King of Fighters series. They're starting with King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition in November.

Anywho, here's someone having a crack at Metal Slug X's first mission:

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Metal Slug X

Android, iOS, PS1

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