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Metro Exodus adds New Game+ and dev commentary


Experienced riders of the post-apocalyptic Russian rails in Metro Exodus can now upgrade to first class with a New Game+ mode, starting their journey afresh with all their weapons and gear from the end of the game carried over to a new save. That arrived in today's update, along with a running commentary from the conductors (developer commentary tapes) explaining more about the train's journey (the game's development). Plus performance improvements, bug fixes... patch stuff.

New Game+ mode will let you, once you've finished the game, start again from the beginning with all the fancy toys you've collected. That's the typical NG+ way. It also has a load of options to tweak that, including only carrying over one loadout, receiving your old toys at a certain point in the story, and more. Then there's the other options. You can disable crafting away from workbenches, make all enemies tougher, face radiation in more places, disable mid-level saves, receive the crossbow nearer the start, have only one single weapon slot... whether you want it easier, harder, or weirder, the NG+ options allow a fair spread of experiences.

The developer commentary is also part of New Game+ mode, something you'll need to beat the game to hear. Turn on that option and you'll find tape players around the place, each explaining more about the area it's in.

Today's update also brings improvements to Nvidia's performance-boosting Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) doodad, official DualShock and Steam Controller support, aspect ratio options for folks whose screens aren't detected right, a few performance optimisations, and bug fixes aplenty.

See the 'Ranger' update overview page for more on big features and the patch notes for more of the nitty-gritty.

The game may now be sold only on the Epic Games Store but, as promised, the patch is also live on Steam for folks who got it there before the irksome switcheroo.

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