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Metro Exodus bids Moscow farewell in the new trailer

Thomas sees terrible things

For a Metro trailer, the latest Metro Exodus video sure spends a lot of time out of the Metro. A lovely old Soviet locomotive gets top billing over the gloomy, dark underground tunnels. It’s Artyom’s new home and his way to escape dilapidated Moscow. Sadly no gameplay footage made it in, though. Take a gander below.

Metro Exodus was revealed last E3, once again following stoic series (and book) protagonist Artyom has he explores and fights through post-apocalyptic levels of both the linear and open persuasion. Exodus, as the name suggests, sees Artyom and his pals not just leave the titular Metro, but Moscow itself, as they traverse the Russian wasteland by train.

Previous excursions above ground in the earlier Metro games saw us exploring urban ruins and managing our oxygen supply, but a journey across a continent implies we’ll be doing a lot more than scrambling around the carcass of a city. I’m particularly looking forward to attempting to survive a miserable nuclear winter like a post-apocalyptic sadist -- Exodus covers a full year, through spring and all the way to what will undoubtedly be an unpleasant winter.

Metro’s always had a slight survival bent -- conserving ammo and managing oxygen are key to staying alive. A trip through the wilderness sounds like the perfect opportunity to lean into that side of things even more, however. Though perhaps in different ways. Does the rest of Russia use bullets as currency? And wouldn’t some of it have escaped the worst of the apocalypse and thus not require a gas mask to explore?

We’ll no doubt find out as we get closer to the autumn 2018 release date.

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