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Dystopian Contract Killer Simulator: Metrocide

Top-down stealth action

Hallo! I've got five words for you this morning: "top-down stealth-action game." If you allowed me seven, I'd add "cyberpunk dystopia." I might casually mention that the main character is a hitman named T. J. Trench too. Then, to stop you pawing at me while yelling "WHAT IS THIS? Tell me!" I'd hastily explain that I'm talking about Metrocide. Developers Flat Earth Games haven't revealed too much about it yet but these collections of words, and them listing the original Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto as influences, has my attention. Have a gander yourself in the first trailer.

As I understand it, Metrocide will give you contracts to find and kill people, and in-between murdering them you'll need to avoid the rozzers and presumably other people who would like to kill you. The trailer shows a snippet of hacking a police system too, though I have no idea what effect that'll have. So many mysteries. The murder does look murdersome, and I'll be broadly interested in most games with prompts like "Press E to pick up corpse."

Expect Metrocide later this year. It's the second game from Flat Earth, though their first gives no hints at what we might expect from Metrocide, as it was a crafting & city-building thing named TownCraft for pocket telephones. Here, gleam what you can from this trailer:

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