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The Man Who Stares At Goat Photos: 40 Mins Of MGS V 

Metal Gear Dogged

We've seen some of the Kojimaisms awaiting us in this Autumn's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [official site], but what about the bits where you actually do stuff instead of endure/enjoy sustained psychic assault by cutscene? Seems like there's plenty of sneaky Snaking to be had too, building on the excellent stealth of prequel Ground Zeroes.

And, well, there are a great many in-game Kojimaisms too. Not all good ones unfortunately, but some of the good ones are really good ones.

It starts well: a tour of your intricately detailed helicopter-as-base, onto whose interior Sad Snake for some reason sticks photographs of Goats He Has Known, hangs his currently selected weapon and whatnot, and then oh look a booblady. Oh, Koj, why? Fortunately then we're back to painstaking weapon customisation and playing The Final Countdown on cassette tape.

It gets better, as Snake's Booblady companion is swapped out for a horse or a 'naked' dog. Then you select a vehicle and look I'm trying to be descriptive but this whole thing is fucking insane in both detail and scope. Also D-Dog looks so much better than Fallout's Immortal God-Dog.

Then the dog pisses on the sand while Snake listens to 80s powerballads on his Walkman and

And actually I'm just going to leave it there. Booblady nonsense aside, this is glorious.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain is out on PC on September 15th.

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