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Microsoft are making a new Perfect Dark


Surprise! Perfect Dark, the sci-fi spy-fi shooter series from GoldenEye devs Rare, is returning in a brand new game. Named simply Perfect Dark, it's being made by The Initiative, a new studio Microsoft announced in 2018. Bit of a surprise, considering it's been 15 years since the second (and last) Perfect Dark. Details are thin for now, but you can see some dramatic scenery in the announcement trailer below.

"To take something that it's been so long since the first instalment and sort of rethink what that could be and how we bring that into the modern era is a really interesting problem to solve," game director Dan Neuburger said in a second vid. He added, "We are leaning very heavily on 'what is a secret agent?' and there's a lot of gameplay diversity that comes into that, and we aren't shying away from that."

Bit vague. From what the other folks in the vid said, we can probably expect fun spy movement with sliding and leaping and... it's all vague. But I'm broadly up for sliding around.

Considering we don't even know what it is, nah, we don't know when it's coming out either. But I assume it'll be on PC, because all Microsoft's games are on PC these days.

I've never played Perfect Dark. The first was on N64, and its prequel on Xbox. What's it like, gang?

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