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Microsoft Flight Simulator is heading to France next

And its UK update is now due the second week of February.

Microsoft Flight Simulator's 3rd update was due to give the UK some spilt and polish this past week, but it was delayed into February. This hasn't stopped developers Asobo from talking about its fourth update, which we now know is planned for the end of March and which will focus on France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

There's a brief teaser trailer for the UK update below, which is filled with castles and hills and piers, just like the real Britain and Ireland.

That's piers the plural of pier, because the video contains a clip of Brighton pier, from the city where I currently live. I didn't spot any giant Piers Morgans, thank god. The below video should play from the start of the trailer, but if not skip to around the 18m 15s mark to see it.

It looks lovely. There's still no fixed release date for the UK update yet, but during the above livestream Head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann said that "people are crunching" to get it finished. That doesn't sound ideal.

We do now know the other photogrammetry cities being added alongside London, and they are Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol. I've spent enough nights out in Bristol that I suppose it might be fun to crash a Cessna into some pubs and clubs I've thrown up in. And then I could fly another Cessna back home to Bath instead of queuing for hours for a bus.

There's no other info on the France and Benelux update that's to follow the UK, but each world update is designed to spiff up a particular location with photogrammetry cities and more accurate models of landmarks and points of interest. The first update in September focused on Japan, and the second in November on the United States.

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