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Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer crowns the queen of the sky

How pretty

While I've stopped flying and am too dim for sims, goodness me Microsoft Flight Simulator still makes me coo and gasp in awe of planes. They're like birds, but made of metal! Powered by science rather than magic! And their guts aren't full of stones and digestive acids so you can go inside! Truly magnificent. My mooning continued last night with a new trailer for the upcoming pilot sim, which also revealed some of the planes and manufacturers who've signed up. These include the Boeing 747, I plane I am told is known as "the queen of the sky" for reasons I would rather not know.

While the sea has my heart, I can't deny I'm feeling seduced by going above the clouds. Stunning stuff, that.

Microsoft last night confirmed the first wave of manufacturers they've partnered with to simulate their plans: Airbus, Boeing Company, CubCrafters, Daher, Diamond Aircraft Industries, Icon Aircraft, Robin Aircraft, and Textron Aviation. They say more are to come.

I do like some of those dinky little planes from smaller aerospace manufactures, the sort of machines I've never even seen as a commercial passenger. Imagine owning a plane to fly for funsies. I could barely afford a skateboard.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is due to take off in 2020. For a chance to have a go testing it before then, you can sign up for the Insider Program.

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